SABA Blazes New Trail

SABA Blazes New Trail

The Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association (SABA) mobilized a team of bicycle enthusiasts and volunteers on August 4th to help blaze a brand new trail at site of The Outdoor Learning Center at the local charter school.

SABA serves cyclists in Western North Carolina, North Georgia, and Easter Tennessee. In addition to weekly group bike rides, SABA maintains the Jackrabbit mountain biking and hiking system in Hayesville, the Piney Knob trail system in Murphy, and the Ramsey Bluff trail system in Hanging Dog.

Rod Fortney, vice president of SABA , was part of the volunteer crew that cleaned up existing trails at the school. The group also expanded the trail system in a way that makes navigating the land easier for students and staff. Volunteers showed up with loppers, pruning saws, gloves and plenty of bug repellent.

“Our volunteers really got to work and added about 300 yards of additional trails,” said Fortney. He added that SABA uses trail building standards that build trails on contour lines instead of fall lines as it ensures sustainable, long-term trails.

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