Lunch Procedure Improvements

Lunch Procedure Improvements

Covid-19 changed the way food was served at The Learning Center Charter School for the first part of the 2020-21 school year. However, the school has made improvements that mean students will see a return to more of what they are used to for the remainder of the year.

The charter school serves breakfast and lunch to approximately 200 students daily. Prior to the pandemic restrictions, food was served via a serving line that offered both hot and cold options.

“The serving line will continue to work similarly to how it has in past years with a few changes,” said Hilary Ehlers, Nutrition Director at the school.

Ehlers explained that meals are served off the hot bar all while keeping social distancing in place. Students and staff are separated by Plexiglas windows across the entire hot bar. At the end of the line students receive their meal through a window in the Plexiglas. Before being served their milk of choice at the beginning of the line, students must sanitize their hands. Then one by one students receive their meals. Markers are placed on the floor to help students visualize the six foot distance they need to space between one another. The meals are packaged in a to go box and are taken back to the classroom to eat.

“Students will still receive the amazing and nutritious food as they have in past school years. Plus, our friendly nutrition staff will still be there to greet each student and ask about their day and give students a sense of normalcy at school again,” said Ehlers.

New menu items have been added including catfish po-boy sandwiches and chicken and cheese quesadillas. “Healthy food doesn’t have to come at the expense of great flavor,” said Ehlers.

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