Gifted Students at TLC Start “Maker Projects”

Gifted Students at TLC Start “Maker Projects”

AIG students at TLC

The Learning Center Charter School teachers, Monica Gatti and Melisa Paul, know that academically and intellectually gifted (AIG) students should receive enriched educational offerings. That is why these students at the school participate in the AIG Makers After School Program.

Within the program, each student is doing their own “Maker Project.”  A maker is an umbrella term for independent designers, inventors and tinkerers. Technology has made it possible to learn, connect with others, and distribute ideas and products without middlemen like manufacturers and these Makers are finding ways to share ideas worldwide. AIG students at The Learning Center are independently joining this Maker Movement with their projects.

Gatti and Paul are facilitators that help each student through the process of brainstorming, researching, planning, creating and presenting. Students will document their process and present at the school’s annual School Maker Faire in the Spring. Additionally, each student will be connected to someone in the community that is knowledgeable on the specific project content or idea.

To date, these gifted students have chosen Maker Project topics that range from stop motion animation to in depth studies of Leonardo DaVinci.

Gatti says, “I am so excited that the students are choosing a Maker Project based on their own interests. This will allow the students to dive deep into a topic they are interested in and then share it with the public at our School Maker Faire in March. These projects will help students learn how to search for information, seek advice from experts, and learn to overcome challenges along the way. These are all qualities and skills the students will use to be successful for the rest of their lives.”

To learn more about AIG at TLC, click >>>HERE<<<.

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