5th Grade Hands-On Learning

5th Grade Hands-On Learning

Fifth grade students at the Learning Center charter school learned about the water cycle as part of their science studies with the help of Sheri Goodlet, an educator for the Cherokee County Soil and Water Conservation district.

Fifth graders across the state learn about the water cycle. They learn how the sun’s energy impacts the processes of the water cycle including evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and runoff.

Goodlet visited the class to play a game called “The Incredible Journey.” In the game, students become a drop of water and travel through the water cycle, visiting all the places a water drop might go. The game uses dice cubes that guide the students from station to station.

“Students always learn more if they can combine a hands-on experience with the fun of a game,” said Jay Ward, science teacher at the school. Ward added that hands-on learning encourages multi-tasking through listening, speaking, and touching and engages students in problem solving strategies.

“Besides having a great time playing the water cycle game,” said Ward, “students have grasped the science concepts on a deeper level as a result.”

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